Attachments don't load in Web Library

I am trying to set up my first Zotero library, using zotero for Mac (5.0.88, on Mac OS 10.15.5). I am storing files locally in a zotero folder and syncing them to a pCloud via WebDAV. I am accessing my Web Library via Firefox.
While things are working fine on the desktop and syncing fine with pCloud, in my Web Library attachments fail to open: the files are displayed in the attachment sections but are greyed out; clicking on the Library items or their attachments has no effect.
How can I fix this so I can access my files also via the web?
Thanks for your help!
  • If you're syncing files to WebDAV, they're not available on Zotero servers and you won't be able to open them in the web library.
  • Tragedy! Thanks for the quick response!
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