My Juris M Chrome Plugin Stops functioning after each download

Dear All,

My Juris M Chrome Plugin stops functioning after each download. I am then required to quit juris m in by desktop and restart. The plugin will work for one or 2 downloads again and then stops communicating again.

There is no error message as well.

Please help.
  • What exactly is happening when it stops working ? Do you get an error message?
  • Now it has stopped communicating to the Jurism desktop application and shows the error message "The Juris-M Connector was unable to communicate with the Juris-M desktop application."

    Until yesterday, there was no such error messages. Everytime I restart the desktop application, the connector works for one or two downloads after which it stops functioning. Then again the connector stops communicating with desktop application, but without any error message.

    Now I also tried in Firefox, the connector is functioning with firefox properly. However, I would like to resolve the issue with the chrome ...
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    @nithin.ramakrishnan: The Jurism connector hadn't been updated in quite some time, and that may be the cause. I have just released a new version of the Jurism client (v. 5.0.89m1), and a connector update for Firefox (v.

    I have also submitted the connector for Chrome to the Chrome Web Store, but the code review will apparently take up to a month. If you want to try the updated connector and client immediately, try with Firefox.
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