Can I follow a public closed group?

I would like to follow a public closed group (which I am not a member of) from my Zotero installation. Is this possible? I didn't find a way to do it without joining, and I can't join because it is closed. I understand I can also subscribe to feeds in Zotero, but I can't seem to find a "Subscribe to this feed" link in the closed group public library here:
  • The feeds have just been removed from the new view of the Zotero web library. You can still subscribe using the old view: (you can then switch back to the new library view at the top of the screen)

    (FWIW, I think the disappearance of the feed button in the new library a mistake)
  • Subscribing to a library with the Zotero feed reader isn't a great solution, though — you just get a very basic item with no metadata, and if you use the add-to-library button you end up with a mostly empty item (though we might be able to fix that). For now, at least, if you do this you'd want to double-click the item and save from the web library with the Zotero Connector in your browser.

    We've long talked about adding the ability to subscribe to libraries without joining them, which would be a much better solution, and that will likely happen at some point.
    (FWIW, I think the disappearance of the feed button in the new library a mistake)

    (It wasn't intentionally removed. I think there just wasn't an obvious place for it in the initial version.)
  • Thank you both for your replies! In effect, I tried adam's suggestion and although it's better than nothing it is not exactly what I was looking for. Ad dstillman suggests, having the possibility so subscribe to libraries without joining them would be great! If there is a Github issue to follow about this potential feature, please let me know!
  • It's now possible to subscribe to the feed in the new web library, the options is under three-dot menu in the toolbar.
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