Mapping of director inconsistent: Zotero, CSL JSON, Better CSL JSON

I am bit perplexed of how the field director is currently treated. Zotero and CSL JSON treat it as author. Better CSL JSON export treats it as director. While Zotero's own behaviour conforms to this list (, I would assume that Better CSL JSON is more appropriate here, given that CSL knows a field director. Is there a reason for this? And could that be changed?
  • huh -- yes, that is weird and I agree mapping correctly makes more sense.

    I think we'd have to fix some styles if the mapping is changed, but I'd guess the number is <20 (they use an awkward workaround where they test for motion_picture and then assume author=director)

  • they use an awkward workaround where they test for motion_picture and then assume author=director

    Yes, that's odd and I'd prefer not having to implement this...
  • The way I do it in apa.csl is to print director as the primary creator, then substitute, author, editor, translator, title in that order (IIRC). There isn’t much need for more specific tests—if an item has a director, it’s reasonable to assume it is appropriately used as the author.
  • Yes, but the problem is if a style doesn't want a director be treated as a substitute for author. For example MLA: "If you are writing about a film or television series without focusing on an individual's contribution, begin with the title. You can include information about the director and other key participants in the position of other contributors."
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    Oh, and by the way, if the mapping is adapted, I'd be of course willing to help with fixing existing styles.
  • @dstillman -- any reason not to fix this right now?
  • @dstillman -- any opinions about this?
  • @dstillman What do you think?
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