Book chapters as sub-item of book reference

Hello everyone,

I have a lot of books in my collection, and each has a lot of chapter by different authors. Keeping all the chapters as separate entries is chaotic and difficult to manage. I want to organize my book references so that I can make a "book section" reference a sub-item with a "book" reference as parent item. Is this at all possible, and if so, how?

I have seen some older discussions on this topic, but none of them were clear and none of them had an answer i was looking for. I am using Zutilo, but it does not have the option to have book sections as sub-items.
  • No, not currently possible. (The idea is being discussed or developed, but indefinite timeline. See the previous threads.)

    The best you can do would be to add the book/chapters as related items in your library.

    Then (I wrote a longer version of this in one of the other threads), you could create two versions of your style, one that treats book chapters as abbreviated forms in a volume, and the other that treats them as the book itself, then manually merge those two versions of your bibliography (and remove the duplicate book entries). But realistically that wouldn't save you much time from doing it yourself manually at the end anyway.
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