Downloading Rebuilt Database

edited June 10, 2020
Apparently the Zotero database on my Macbook has become corrupt. So I just uploaded a zipped version of its zotero.sqlite file for rebuilding. A message henceforth appeared:
"Your database has been rebuilt.
Warning: Corruption was found in your uploaded database.
Please check that all your data is present after loading the new file in Zotero.
The new file is available here: (0KB)

That's right: 0KB. Clicking on that https link gives "not found". Is this a hickup on the website, or have I ignored something else? The Upload ID was 5ee05fcab50cd .



PS - the corruption became apparent after advanced searches began to find non-existing results in the "notes" section
PPS - I intentionally left out part of the complete https - url above
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    The file within the zip should be named zotero.sqlite or zotero.sqlite.bak. (We'll fix it to show a proper error message.)
  • Thanks. This has now worked as intended......

    .....however the original reason for my checking the database integrity unfortunately remains. I will look through your discussions for "graphics", "notes" and "searches"
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