Bibliography alphabetical (author and editor)

I'm using the citation style "Universität Bern - Institut für Musikwissenschaft (note, German)", but I have one issue. I'd like the bibliography to be ordered alphabetical – not in the order they appear in my document.

I already inserted:

But now, however, all titles with an editor instead of an author appear at the end of the bibliography.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! (Zotero is running very slowly on my mac anyway and cannot find any reference to this problem in the forum.)

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  • what you want to insert is likely

    <key macro="primary-contributor"/>
    <key macro="year"/>

    If you use author as the key, you'd see exactly what you're seeing now. -- any reason the style doesn't sort the bibliography, btw? That seems quite odd (sorry if we discussed this during code review; can't remember)
  • That worked perfectly, thanks a lot, @adamsmith (also for the quick reply)!
  • Now I'm experiencing another (minor nevertheless annoying) issue, which occurred after the changing of the code: new citations are now underlined with dashed lines – for whatever reason. I'm not sure if it's related or just pure coincidence.

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    See this page: (see Faster citing in large documents)
  • Thanks a lot (could have figured out that one by myself...)!
  • That is probably a bug... I'll check asap, and update the style if necessary.

    @adamsmith Hmmm, strangly enough I'm only seeing this now. Shouldn't I receive mails when someone mentions me...

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