How do I select by tag, then create a bibliography?

I have several dozen items in My Library which I have tagged. I want to select those then create a bibliography. When searching with the "all fields & tags" I'm getting items I don't want in the bibliography. When I do an advanced search by tag, I don't see a way to create a bibliography.
  • I may have solved this. I saved the search, then opened the saved folder, then selected and copied the bibliography. I should have worked on it more before posting my question, but perhaps this will be of use to others.
  • You don't need to go to all of those steps. You can click on the tag name in the tag selector on the left side of the Zotero window. That will filter the items in view to only ones that have that tag. Then, you can select all of the items, right click, and choose Create Bibliography.
  • Thanks, so the tags create a tag folder on the side. Obviously I'm new to tagging, and this is very helpful. Many thanks.
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