Multiple in-text citation formats

I would like to know if it is possible to have more than one in-text citation format. This is possible in EndNote, but I cannot find the option in Zotero.

Let's say my bibliography has...
[1] Doe J. Title. Journal Year.

I would like to be able to have both of the following in-text citations:

Doe (Year)

Such that I could write the following and have it link to the same bibliography:

Prior studies have shown X to be true [1].
A study conducted by Doe (Year) demonstrated X.

Is this possible?
  • No -- in the context of that citation style, the second variant isn't a citation. It's just narrative text.
  • This sort of structure will likely be supported in a forthcoming update to Zotero/CSL
  • Do you mean that or did you misread the question? We're allowing a mix of numerical and author-date citations?
  • To clarify, for the “Name (Year)” example, I have no problem writing it out, but would like it linked to a bibliography entry or have the ability to generate a bibliography entry if that paper hadn’t yet been cited.

    Though, it seems like you understood my question, so I’m bummed to hear this isn’t currently a feature. Fingers crossed it is implemented in the near future.
  • Integrating a citation in the narrative flow of your text will be supported---hopefully in the not so distant future.

    But, as @adamsmith points out, this will most likely not entail mixing different citation formats (numerical and author-year), and I personally think you shouldn't do that. If you use a numerical style, your in-text narrative citation will (and should) be rendered as:
    A study conducted by Doe [1] demonstrated X.

    Or you switch to an author-date style which will get you:
    Prior studies have shown X to be true (Doe 2020).
    A study conducted by Doe (2020) demonstrated X.
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