firefox connector problem?

Looking at forum entries it appears that at least for the chrome connector if I am at some hypothetical web site e.g.

I can click the connector button and it transfers file straight to zotero (and if it finds the doi, hopefully pulls in the ref info as well)

for a few different sites I have attempted, this has not worked.

is this a firefox problem, or do I have a local problem, or do I misunderstand the capability of the connector?

And if I misunderstand, I think this would be a nice feature so that I don't have to separately save, then drag in


  • It works in Firefox, but due to technical limitations in Firefox you won't see the save popup — the button in the save icon will just turn into a green checkmark or a red X.
  • Thanks
    Actually, nothing happened. Certainly no popup, no checkmark or X, nor was anything captured

    and i believe the following problem occurs for both chrome and firefox. lets say I have an html file that is local, not an external url/webpage. e.g. file in url box reads as


    it seems that the capture function wont grab it.

    If the connector is not designed to do that, it would be a nice feature. Some conferences no longer issue a pdf of the abstract, but an html file. Pulling the abstract from the distribution, not a website, would be helpful

  • We'd need to see a URL for the PDF to say more, but this definitely works in general.

    On the other hand, local file URIs won't work -- browsers don't allow add-ons access to those for security reasons.
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