Moving Collections from Local Read-Only Group to another Group

I would like to move the references AND their collections from the local read-only group (a remnant of the group that was deleted online) to another existing group. However, I can move the references but not the collections. Dragging the collections in the desktop version does not seem to be doing anything. Is it possible? Am I missing something?
  • Have you dragged the collection to the group previously?
  • Not sure what you mean. It does work fine with my other groups.
  • If you've previously dragged that collection to that group, you'll need to delete the existing collection in the group and drag again. It won't let you drag a collection you've already dragged (but it will automatically add the items already dragged to that library back to the new collection).

    (We know this is awkward, and it will be improved in a future version.)
  • edited May 20, 2020
    No, I have not dragged anything anywhere from this group previously. I was trying to move items from a read-only group to an empty group. I have just manually recreated the collection and the group is now deleted. So, I cannot do furtehr testing but you can try to make a new group, sync, delete online, choose to retain the local read-only copy and then attempt to move collections from it to another group. It did not work.
  • OK, I can reproduce that — it actually fails to copy a collection from any read-only library. We'll fix this. Thanks for reporting.
  • This is fixed in the latest Zotero beta, and the fix will be included in Zotero 5.0.88.
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