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Hi everyone,

I noticed that windows is making a connection to the domain '' every 2-3 minutes, even though I am not using Zotero at the moment and it is not running in the background. I have the browser extensions installed, but I also didn't make use of them at the time.
Any explanation why?
Thank you!
  • It's the Zotero Connector downloading translators for the sites you visit. Here's the explanation from the privacy policy:
    If you use the Zotero Connector without having Zotero open, the Connector will make a daily request to Zotero servers for information on available site translators. It will then download translators for the sites you visit. For example, if you load a New York Times article, the Connector will download Zotero’s New York Times translator and cache it. If Zotero doesn’t have a translator for a specific site, no request will be made. No information on the specific pages you visit is transmitted, and subsequent requests won’t be made for the same translator until you restart your browser or the translator is updated. You can avoid these requests by keeping Zotero open while you browse the web.
  • Thank you very much for the quick reply.
    Makes sense.
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