OpenURL in Web Library (Locate menu)

edited May 17, 2020
Hello, Terrific work on the new Web Library UI thank you.
I'm trying to find support for Lookup Engines and OpenURL resolving in the web library interface (new in beta or classic). Is this supported on the web version?
I'm referring to the Lookup Engines and OpenURL resolvers available under the Locate menu in the desktop version of Zotero.
  • Hi, thank you for your feedback.

    Unfortunately locate menu is not currently supported in the Web Library. We might consider adding support in the future but, this being web-based, there are some technical limitations to consider.
  • edited May 20, 2020
    Ok well that would be great thanks. I don't know the tech limitations of being web based but it seems like sending the author & title to WorldCat or Google Scholar in a new tab would be sufficient (is that how the desktop version works?). The user's browser would go through their respective access Of course it would be even better if it could save out and link to the resulting full text PDF. I'm happy to be a tester or contribute to docs if that's of use. Thanks again.
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