The Best Way to Cite Ebooks Currently?

I'm working on a project and because my available space is so small, most of the work I'm citing are Kindle versions of said books, some of which only exist in that format. Is there a FAQ or a tutorial on how best to cite these works? I've looked and all I can find is how to import highlights and notes. Thanks, all!
  • Cite these as Book/Book Section as appropriate. If you need to specify that it is an ebook (most citation styles don’t require this—there isn’t a real difference from a physical book), specify that in Extra like this:
    Medium: Kindle ebook
  • So, instead of using the ISBN, I'd just put the ASIN into the Extra with the "Medium: Kindle Book" if necessary?
  • I've never seen an ASIN cited, and at least in the US and Western Europe, ISBNs are hardly ever included in citations either, so I'd leave that out entirely.
  • ...Fair point. Thank you!
  • I'd echo the other folks who called for an ebook-specific ZOTERO option in future updates. I'm still not clear about the gyrations required in Zotero 5.0.69 to get it to say "Kindle" or whatever, a requirement in Turabian as I understand it.
  • Add this to Extra:
    Medium: Kindle

    There is no real difference between a "book" and an "ebook". What is likely to change in future versions of Zotero is the addition of a proper "Format" field or similar to Book to avoid having to use Extra.
  • Thanks. That helped, although "Kindle" ended up in the wrong location in the citation, so I moved it manually. I think with the trend toward ebooks/kindle, a field such as you propose would be useful.
  • That is then an issue of the citation style which can be adapted easily. (and I'd recommend instead of doing this manually)
  • I think this is Turabian? That's due for an update anyway. I'm just procrastinating because I'd rather it didn't exist...
  • Ha! Don't blame you, at the tail end of my zotero-powered, 1100 note, 375 page dissertation, I feel the same way. Agree with the points above, my manual solution is not working so well (it keeps moving back to the wrong place when I refresh). The "extra" field still puts "kindle" in the wrong place. The ebook and book styles are different enough (in Turabian) that a dedicated type is in order I think.
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    But so is anybody who follows those style manuals (Chicago, Turabian, etc.) aware of their thinking on ebooks and how to cite locations in them? BTW - I have suggested already quite some time back to use Calibre locations (see the discussion here, since they are device-agnostic)

  • Let me try here again too :)
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