Double reference in the bibliography

Hello guys,

I have a problem with my Zotero bibliography.

I often use the type encyclopaedia article. Sometimes I cite different parts of the same encyclopaedia for which I create different references since there are different authors within the encyclopaedia. So far so good.

When it comes to my bibliography I want only one entry in the bibliography for the whole encyclopaedia. Now Zotero creates two or more entries for the same encycoplaedia (one for each reference). I figure that an easy way to fix this would be to just use one reference for the whole encyclopaedia, but is there another way keeping different references for specific parts of the encyclopaedia?

Thanks in advance!

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    Zotero doesn't have any way to "link" references together, such as chapters in a book, etc.

    One item, one entry in the bibliography.

    Most citation styles probably want a separate citation for each article in an encyclopedia.

    But if you want just one, then you would need to cite the whole encyclopedia like a book and then add identifying information for each entry like you would add page numbers. (Note that you can of course keep the separate entries in your library, but only cite the main item in your document.)
  • Ok, understood, many thanks!
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