Beta: Can't filter on tags only assigned to child items

Error ID for version: 1087073293

I have a group library with some (colored) tags attached only to child notes, no top-level items. I am not able to click on the tag in the tag selector to show only the notes with this tag. I can filter on a note that is attached to a top-level item.
  • If I add the tag to a top-level item, then filter on it, it only shows the top-level item, not any of the child notes that have the tag.
  • Got it, but I think that it _is_ a change. I recall filtering on tags matching child items when in "Title, Creator, Year" mode in the past.
  • I am seeing the same behavior in the Web Library
  • Issue created for the API
  • It says here that the issue was fixed for 5.0.86.
    I have 5.0.89 (Mac, just started using zotero) and I have the same issue still. At first I thought it was me, but it looks like this is not supposed to be this way?

    To summarise: tags assigned to child notes do not show up in the tag list (bottom left corner) and do not show up when searched for in the search bar (no matter which search type is enabled. They only show up through the advanced search for tags (inconvenient). I was going to use zotero as a research hub because of this feature. Is there going to be a permanent fix for that? Thank you for your work.
  • @mimimi77: Seems to work fine for me. Can you take some screenshots that show what you're seeing, upload them somewhere (e.g., Dropbox), and provide a link here? And also provide a Report ID?
  • Thank you for your super-quick response.

    I was just about to create a collection with some examples to show in screen shots, and I noticed that the issue does not exist within an intentionally created collection.

    It does however exist for "unfiled items" and their child notes. I just starting using zotero for my first project and thus saw no need for collections, and they didn't cross my mind as a possible solution. I don't know if this is intentional, but in any case, I can work around it by using collections.

    Sorry, for troubling you, but I probably wouldn't have found the solution without your prompt to take screen shots. Maybe this tip can help other newbies with the same problem.
  • That's arguably a bug, and I've created an issue to track it, but Unfiled Items is really just meant as a staging ground to quickly move new items into collections. If you're not using collections at all, the library root (e.g., "My Library") would be the normal place to search for and work with your items, and this works fine there.
  • I realised that as well just now, makes total sense. Thanks for your help!
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