USPTO Patent Citation Import - Wrong Name Bug, Misses PDF, Misses "Filing date"

Example below is a patent citation Zotero made from the results of a search using (IN/(John AND McCorkle) AND (IS/VA or IS/MD)) on the web site.
Zotero grabbed the entire list at once (Nice! Wow is Zotero a great tool!!)

The bug/problem is that every inventor name is appended by "and VA" or "and MD" depending on which state the patent was filed in. So if there were 3 inventors, then Zotero shows there are 6, where 3 of the 6 are "MD" or "VA". I hope this would not be too hard to fix.

Another bug is that Zotero does not find the PDF that is on the site. The PDF is downloaded by clicking the "Images" button, then on the bottom left, clicking on the "full pages" button. This process is so simple, I would hope this would not be too hard to fix either.

Low priority "wish list" item is that Zotero grab the "filing date".

Are these being worked on, or is there a workaround?

title = {United {States} {Patent}: 7224711 - {System} and method for the mitigation of spectral lines in an ultrawide bandwidth transceiver},
shorttitle = {United {States} {Patent}},
url = {},
abstract = {A method and an apparatus are provided for mitigating spectral lines in a
wireless signal. First a code word is generated that is made up of a
plurality of binary or ternary encoded pulses. Then a plurality of
code-word-modulated wavelets are generated in response to the code word.
These wavelets can be Gaussian monopulses, repeated cycles of a sine
wave, or other shaped impulse signals. The plurality of
code-word-modulated wavelets are then modulated with a bit of transmit
data to form a plurality of data-modulated wavelets. This modulation
serves to whiten the signals since the transmit data is effectively
random. Finally, the plurality of data-modulated wavelets are transmitted
to a remote device.},
assignee = {Freescale Semiconductor Inc.},
number = {7224711},
urldate = {2020-05-02},
author = {Johnson, Terence L. and VA and McCorkle, John W. and VA and Huynh, Phuong T. and VA},
month = may,
year = {2007},
note = {Library Catalog: Patents - USPTO}
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