Citing Chigago Manual 17th ed. - document pref: 'Nederlands'

  • an archival manuscript
  • In that case, enter it as manuscript and fill in the appropriate archive and archive location fields.

    For date ranges, enter them into Extra like this:
    Issued: 1690/1720

    For uncertain dates, enter the years with ? In Extra:
    Issued: 1690?
  • "In my bibliography and references I am getting z.d. (zonder datum / no date).
    How can I change this? What triggers the z.d. ?"

    Did you find a solution for this? The 'manuscript'-option does not work for me.
    This is what I get:
    "A. Augustinus, Tractatus CXXIV. in Evangelium S. Ioannis, PL 35, col. 18-22, z.d."
  • items without a date get z.d. in Chicago style.

  • <locale xml:lang="nl">
    <term name="editor" form="verb-short">red.</term>
    <term name="editor" form="verb">red.</term>
    <term name="no date" form="short"></term>

    did the job.
  • Note that will produce incorrect citations (e.g. for webpages without publication date) elsewhere
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