Unable to insert citations now

Hi chaps. I firstly tried to refresh the document (I had many references with dotted underlines). That didn't work. I then tried 'automatically update citations' which seemed to freeze my document, so I switched that off. Now I cannot insert any citations. It just says unable to update document. I have restarted my computer with the same result. What can I do? (Zotero has been great for me for years. First time I have had a problem).
  • 'Zotero experienced an error updating your document' is what appears.
  • Assuming it works in a new document, see Debugging Broken Documents.
  • Thank you again. Very prompt and helpful.
  • Did that work? Which step helped?
  • Unfortunately it is inconsistent. I copied and pasted whole document into a new Word document and it worked immediately but very slow. I then turned off 'automatically update citations' and it came up with 'Zotero experienced an error updating your document'. What do you think I should do next?
  • Zotero did work in an empty new document.
  • Hi mate. The citation works when I have 'automatically update citations' turned on, but is extremely slow. When I turn it off, something strange happens. While in the word document, I click 'add citation' and at first my computer kept jumping to the Zotero app. I restarted Word and Zotero and now when I click 'add citation', I get the Mac spring coloured wheel. What can you suggest?
  • If you can reproduce getting an error, we'd want to see a Debug ID for that.

    But are you saying that now, if you restart Zotero and Word (or restart your computer), and click Add/Edit Citation, it freezes permanently?

    The debugging steps still basically apply in any case. If it works in a new document, and it doesn't work in an existing document, you should follow the steps in full to figure out what's breaking it in the new document. If you follow the steps in full, they will, by definition, either fix or isolate the problem (unless the problem is just that it's taking a very long time with a large document).

    Also, what Word version is this?
  • I seem to have things working in a new document thank you.
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