Formatting of bibliography is "drifting" (Word2007)

I have a problem with the formatting of the bibliography which occurs with basically all citation styles I have tested:
In the bibliography, citations of journals are formatted e.g. with the titel in normal case, journal name (italic), year (bold), volume (italic), issue (normal), pages (normal).
Some references seem to cause the problem that the formatting is drifting, e.g. the first characters of the journal name appear in normal case, then continues in italic as it should, while the first characters of the year are still italic, before it continous in bold as it should be (for this example).
After trying around I could track it down: The problem is related to accent-containing characters in the bibliographic data of the reference, and the shift or "drift" of the formatting is related to the number of these characters, e.g. in the author fields.
For example, when all author names contain four such characters, the bold/italic/normal style formatting is shifted by four characters to the right.

One example is the name "Sánchez", where the a with accent seems to consist of two characters (tested by deleting with backspace). I had imported the referecne from an ACS website via the translator. In the source code of the page it is coded as "Sánchez" (ordinary "a" followed by HTML code #769).
After replacing that manually by typing ´ followed by "a", everything works fine.

Anybody else aware of this problem?
Could these characters be automatically replaced by the site translator?
  • see the discussion here:
    (but without any solution other than manual replacement either - would be good to fix this somehow...)
  • thanks for the pointer! I'll go there.. (close here?)
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