journal abbreviations not correct

edited April 28, 2020
several articles published with the same journal are cited, however, joural name in the bibliography list is not the same: some are with abbreciated form while some are with full name!

tests were done with nature, nature geosciences and several other nature styles
not known what is the problem, and have to manually correct the journal name
  • How exactly are you generating the bibliography?
  • items added to zotero with the Zotero Connector toolbar from google scholar

    already checked the items and am sure the same journal name for each (all with full name).

    bibiography is generated with the word toolbar button, then the manual editing of journal name is carried out first by removing the citation link......
  • Could we see a couple of bibliography entries copied from your Word document? Zotero matches full publication names against a list, so it's really not possible that the exact same entries would produce different abbreviations.
  • simply copied a list generated in word with a Nature style:

    cited articles1–3
    1. Yoshino, T., Laumonier, M., McIsaac, E. & Katsura, T. Electrical conductivity of basaltic and carbonatite melt-bearing peridotites at high pressures: Implications for melt distribution and melt fraction in the upper mantle. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 295, 593–602 (2010).
    2. Laumonier, M. et al. Experimental determination of melt interconnectivity and electrical conductivity in the upper mantle. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 463, 286–297 (2017).
    3. Hirth, G. & Kohlstedt, D. L. Water in the oceanic upper mantle: implications for rheology, melt extraction and the evolution of the lithosphere. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 144, 93–108 (1996).

    1 & 3, abbreciated name, while 2, full name
  • in fact, all should be generated with abbreviated journal name according to the style
  • Does this happen in a new document, too?
    If so, could you export the 3 items in question to CSL JSON (select in Zotero --> right click --> Export selected items --> CSL JSON (uncheck export notes),
    open the file with a text editor like Notepad, and then paste it to, or a similar code-sharing site and link to it from here?
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