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I wonder if you could help me?

I found on the Zotero-site: 'the Language field is used to determine whether English Title Casing rules should be applied when formatting item titles. If the stored item data is in English (e.g., for translated titles), enter en-US or en-UK, even if the item content is in another language.'

I tried this (in De Buck and Chicago manual style) but it doesn’t seem to work in either (or I did something wrong).

Zotero Book title: Prak, Maarten, Citizens without Nations. Urban Citizenship in Europe and the World, c.1000-1789 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2018).
Language: en-UK

I was expecting the following in both bibliography and first reference:
Prak, Maarten, Citizens without nations. Urban citizenship in Europe and the world, c.1000-1789 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2018).

But reference and bibliography were still capitalized (as: Citizens, Citizenship, World)

I use as document preference 'language Nederlands' but using English gives the same results.

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