Event-date problem (trying to solve an exhibition catalogue problem)

edited April 10, 2020
I am correcting an existing style notably in order to give the possibility to quote exhibition catalogues (a kind of a sea-serpent starting there and continuing here).
To by pass the item type, I used the magical citeable fields not included in Zotero and their citation from extra field:
In a book item, I created a genre field (Genre : exhibition catalogue). At this point, everything worked.
When I created an event-place field (Event Place: Gorgeous Museum), the publisher-place was called twice (I will try an other way).

When I created an event-date field (Event Date: 2007-09-22/2008-01-28), all went wrong.
This field is said on @aurimas 'Github page that it has no corresponding field, but it might appear as an extra field.
I called it in CSL as date variable="event-date".
Result: "TypeError: this.dateparts is undefined" (even not using a date range)
Where is the problem?
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