no DOI field for books?

  • Yes, and much has changed since 2011. A variety of technical roadblocks were in the way that have been resolved.
  • It's 2020, any chance DOI will be included as a field for books. The Extra field isn't picked up for the bibliography...
  • We're getting closer, but also, if you're entering DOIs in the Extra field correctly, they are definitely getting picked up by all citations styles that specify them.
  • Sure enough. I had a URL field with my doi in it. When I added the extra field, it didn't look like it worked because it was effectively the same thing. I removed the URL field and the Extra field was properly picked up!
  • Really need that option of a DOI field in books as it is essential to being able to properly use the Scite plug-in as well. It requires a DOI to update the citations and provide a report. Without an actual DOI field for it to read, it just won't work. I have tried adding a DIO to extra and URL and Scite just won't read it, unfortunately.

    Really looking forward to that update! And thanks for the great program so far.
  • A DOI field is coming. For now, you should contact Scite about supporting DOIs in Extra
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