Access problem with login link


It seems access to zotero on a novel browser, or even in a private window, through the link doesn't work. Entering credentials loops over and over to the login page and the user does not get logged in. However, on the same page, in the same session of the same state of the same browser, if one navigates to the zotero homepage and then to log in again, the credentials work.

It's mind blowing. Is there any chance of fixing this?

Much appreciated!
  • Thanks for reporting.
    We tweaked something yesterday that resulted in this strange behaviour, but it should be fixed now. Let us know if you're still having problems.
  • Awesome!
    It now works as it should.
    Thank you very much for your swift reply.
    Best wishes!
  • It currently does this using Firefox on Windows 10. Works fine using Firefox on Linux.
  • Seems to still be broken on Android 9 using the native browser (looping as above). Perhaps Zotero could use a standard approach to login. The login is probably not the place where Zotero should or could innovate.
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