[fixed] Cannot remove a user from my group

I am admin of a group. Yesterday I have added a user, but now I want to remove hir. Apparently, it is not possible! After removing I see group members web page without the user, however when I refresh it, the user appears again.
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    And, as you can see, we really need a spam protection as it is done on many-many web-sites by user voting (if a certain number of users mark a post as a spam and a user as a spammer, then it gets automatically removed from our sight). Obviously the situation will get dramatically worse in a short while, so actions must be done now.

    Update: The spam-post was somehow removed when I was typing.
  • Thanks for pointing this out. Should be fixed now.

    what spam are you referring to? on forums or something within groups?
  • Well, just after I started the topic, a spammer made a post like "bla-bla-bla go to that link bla-bla-bla". However, it has been removed very quickly -- before I made my second post.
  • I had a similar problem. I had two administrators (both me), tried to delete one. Transferred ownership of the site no problem to the administrator account I wanted to keep, but I could not removed the second administrator. Making that person "Member" or Remove" just kept returning to administrator role, and I could not find a way to delete the whole duplicate person/account. Finally just deleted the whole group and started over.
  • @drkitty

    Are you sure you were not accidentally trying to remove the owner of the group?
    At the moment it is not made clear in the group settings which user identified as an admin is actually the owner of the group, and attempting to remove them will result in no change being made. This will be made clearer in an update, but I'll look into this to make sure there is not a more severe problem happening.
  • I probably was trying to delete the owner; I could not tell which account was the actual owner as they both had admin privileges. I do know I was trying to delete the account that was not listed as the entity to whom ownership had been transferred.
  • I have the same problems. We are 3 administrators in our group an I want to delete one of them, who is not the owner of the group, but it didn't function.
    What can we do to solve this problem?
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