CSL: separating publisher-place and event-place?

As a partial follow-up to this post, it seems that publisher-place and event-place, despite different names (and possibly different reference to something) are one and the same in CSL.
Could it be possible to separate them in the citation process in order to be able to have two possible different places for any item (e.g. a conference can be held [event-place in my understanding] in London and published [publisher-place] in New York)?
  • No, you are mistaken. They are different CSL variables. The issue is that in Zotero, the “Place” field is mapped to both (this is because Zotero fields predate CSL; this will change in the fairly near future).

    To avoid printing both, either:
    1) Enter the needed place variable in Extra like this:
    Publisher place: New York
    Event place: New Orleans

    That will only be mapped to the one CSL variable. Leave the Zotero place field blank.

    2) Include conditional logic in your style to only print, for example, the event place if there is no publisher. Take a look at apa.csl for example logic in this vein.
  • Thanks for your answer
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