Timeline features issues/questions

On certain days you may enter 50 or more items in one day. It is very helpful to see what you entered when you want to make a change to notes or other fields for that day. In wanting to track my entries I found the following issues/questions.

1) If I double click an item on the Timeline the item is not highlighted in the associated collection as stated in the doc. "If the Zotero library window is open, you can click on an item in the timeline, and it will automatically select that item in your Zotero collection."

2) The list of items shown in the timeline is truncated depending of the size of the window. I suspect this is the expected behavior, if so, then making the enhancement to be able to scroll through the complete list would be very helpful. A truncated list limits the Timeline's usefulness.

3) The typical Window's Find feature does not work. There is no place to enter a search term on the Timeline page. Ctl-F also does not work.
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