From the web-library github description:

"This is zotero.org's web library capable of being installed/run on other websites for a single Zotero library (that is, one user library or one group library)."

If one would install this locally on a webserver, would this one 'group library' be shareable by members?

Thank you!
  • I think you're misunderstanding what this does: it doesn't handle the syncing of the data to the Zotero servers, just how it is displayed online, so hosting it on your own server has no impact on group sharing.
  • I am sorry, I should have explained what I'm actually trying to achieve.

    This is part of my neverending search :-) for a non-cloud, selfhosted Zotero. A local cloud so to speak. [https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/73721/zotero-self-hosted]

    I'm a non-techie in a library setting, within an organization that doesn't allow using the cloud for security reasons.

    A growing number of our employees are using Zotero, but we are not allowed to use the Zotero servers/cloud part of it. On their behalf I tried to convince our IT-staff to do a test-setup of what seems to be the only alternative: https://github.com/SamuelHassine/zotero-prime.

    Because IT lack experience with docker, are short staffed and are having doubts about the status of the zotero-prime they were reluctant in starting this as a project. Since I can't estimate the complexity and status of zotero-prime myself I had therefore more or less given up on this.

    Now with the Web-library and it's description on github I was hoping this could be locally installed on a webserver and might be an alternative for the zotero-prime solution. I think that should be have been might question in the first place. Could Web-library be a solution for a locally hosted Zotero or is zotero-prime still the only way ?
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    Right, that was what I was answering. The web library code does not affect where your data are stored. It just displays the data stored elsewhere. Even if you run the web library yourself (which you may want to do for customization or site integration), data would still be stored on the Zotero servers; hosting those servers locally is the only option to avoid using an external cloud service while syncing.

    zotero-prime* or something else that'd host the server locally is the only option. Frankly, if your IT feels unable installing a docker container version of the server software, this is unlikely to happen for you. In terms of installation, docker is about as uncomplicated as it's going to get.

    * I should mention that "zotero-prime" is not endorsed, supported, or vouched for by Zotero and should be renamed by its developer to clarify that, so absolutely no guarantees for that particular product.
  • Thank you for your patience and explaining!
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