Using Zotero in Google docs

I have googled this but can't find an answer. When working on a document in google docs I cannot find the icon for zotero - in Word it comes up as 'add-ins' which I click on to set my referencing style and then to add citations as I go. When I have googled looks like there should be a Z in the tool bar at the top of google docs but I just can't find it. Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)

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    You need to have the Zotero Connector plugin installed in your browser. Then there will be a Zotero menu (not icon) added to the Google Docs toolbar.
  • Thanks so much, which one specifically should I install? There are quite a few for plugins
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    You just need to install the Zotero Connector, which is available from the page bwiernik linked to. You don't need to go to the plugins page.

    You should have the Zotero Connector installed anyway if you're working in Zotero — it's a core part of how you use Zotero. See Adding Items to Zotero.
  • Wonderful, thanks so much - I can't believe I have been struggling for so long to find the answer to that...

    One last question, when submitting/attaching docs created in Google docs, (like submitting an assignment), should I download as a Word doc first and attach as that to keep the referencing intact. I think otherwise the recipient needs to have Zotero too to view...?
  • They wouldn't need Zotero to view it in any case, but in anything you submit, it's best to make a copy of the Google Doc, and then in the copy use Unlink Citations to flatten the citations into regular document text. Then you can either share that version or download it. (If it's just for reading, you can share it as a read-only Google Doc or download as a PDF.)
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