APA 6th edition (Provost)(French-Canada) style

Hi, when I go to document preferences, it seems that the default language for this style is French (France). Possible to change it to French (Canada)? There is several differences in the general ponctuation that would be very laborious to change manually. Thanks in advance!
  • Download the .csl file from here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/citation-style-language/styles/master/apa-fr-provost.csl

    (Right click and choose Save File As)

    Then open it in a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit and change the "fr-FR" in the first line to "fr-CA". Then change the Style ID and Title in the lines below, save, and install into Zotero.

    @adamsmith, considering that style guide is French Canadian, would we want to change the locale of the style in the repo to fr-CA?
  • Generally yes -- it'd be good to see what exactly the changes would be, especially given the terms already localized in APA-Provost
  • Hi, for instance, the semicolon in french-France needs a space before and after. In french-Canada, it's like english; only after. And there is multiple semicolon in in-text references! Could you let me know if you can make the change and if not I will download the file. Thank you
  • And there is multiple semicolon in in-text references!
    What do you mean by that?
  • delimiters aren't localized in CSL, so this wouldn't get updated by changing the default locale. Is the delimiter without space specified in the actual book by provost? That's what we'd use to determine the style's behavior

  • @bwiernik I mean that there is a lot of semicolons (;) in the text, because the references are formated this way (Untel & Unetel, 2020; Bla & Blabla, 2021; Xx & Yy, 2020). At the moment, there is a space before and after every references (Untel & Unetel, 2020 ; Bla & Blabla, 2021).
    @adamsmith Oh I see... Yes, it is specified in the actual book, Provost et al. (2016) : "aucune espace avant, une espace apr├Ęs [...] le point-virgule." (p. 15). The same goes for exclamation and interogation points.
    Thanks for your help.
  • Let me know if you can do something about it, otherwise I will install manually the file bwiernik gave me. Thank you.
  • Yes, we'll fix in the style, shouldn't take too long
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