Word Count

When I see total word counts in my MS word file, it provides wrong information once I selected a paragraph with zotero reference (like thi:in-situ CO2 capture [20,25,26,33]). Any idea how to avoid it.
  • Zotero citations are just Word fields, so whether Word counts the underlying field codes isn't up to us. If I recall correctly there might be a difference here between Word versions. In any case, you can just make a copy of the document, use Unlink Citations, and then check the word count. (Just make sure you don't unlink citations in your main document.)
  • yeah, I think this is a Word bug that has been fixed; works correctly for me in the current Office 365 version of Word
  • I believe that this wasn’t fixed in Word 2010, so if you are using that version, I recommend upgrading to a more recent version of Word.
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