Best item type for outbreak situation report?

Hi, just wondering what item type the Zotero community deems best for citing 'situation reports' - systematic documents published regularly during disease outbreaks. Example here: Update 4 COVID-19 prevention response.pdf
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    I would index your example as a _report_ because it fits with similar things from UN agencies. However, several other UNHCR report series publications have ISSNs so it could be argued that this is from a journal or a magazine if the item you cited is from a series that has an ISSN. I couldn't quickly find the series in your example so I cannot know if it has an ISSN.

    In general you cite the _source_ of the publication in a way that allows a reader to identify the original and read it.. Is it from a _website_, a _journal article_, a technical _report_, ...?

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  • I would say it’s a report. That it could be published in a series makes relatively little difference here in either conceptual classification or citation needs.
  • Thanks for you input!
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