Feature request: support the @thesis entry

I wanted to cite somebody's bachelor thesis, so I keyed in a Zotero entry for 'thesis'.

When I exported this via Better BibLaTeX, however, the resulting bib file has that entry as a "@phdthesis".

My request is that the Zotero 'thesis' entry has a field "type" which is analogous to the "type" field for "@thesis", so we can specify what sort of theses we are citing.

Afterwards, (I think?) I'll head over to better biblatex and ask them to export the Zotero 'thesis' as "@thesis" rather than "@phdthesis". But this biblatex change would not mean much unless Zotero had the extra "type" field for their 'thesis' entries.

Sorry if this is phrased poorly. I've just finished a day of writing. Let me know if I can clarify.
  • There is a "type" field for items of Item Type "thesis" (just below the abstract field).

    I am not sure whether BBT also preserves that field.
  • I think BBT tries to parse the content of "type" and defaults to phdthesis if it can't (since most cited theses are doctoral)
  • My bad! I totally missed that. Using this "type" entry with BBT indeed works to give me a bib file with "@thesis" and "type={Bachelor Thesis}", thank you very much!
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