Generate collection from citations in a Word document?

I have written a paper that cites articles from several of my different Zotero collections. I used Microsoft Word with the Zotero plugin.

I would like to have all of these items together as a single collection in Zotero (they're already all in Zotero, but they're scattered across several collections). Is there some way I can go back to the standalone Zotero program and tell it "make a collection consisting of all items cited in this Word document"?

I realize that a straightforward way to do this probably doesn't exist as a feature, since the Zotero plugin for Word is intended to be a one-way thing just for citing. But I am open to creative work-arounds for doing this, if anyone can think of any!
  • This feature is planned, but no estimate is available for exactly when it might be implemented. In the mean time, you can do this two ways.

    1) If there aren't too many citations, you could manually make a collection by opening the Zotero dialog for each citation, clicking on the reference, clicking "Show in My Library", then dragging the item to a collection.

    2) If that is too much work, you can install the Juris-M program (, a Zotero-variant that has this feature implemented using special Document Tags. You could use Juris-M to make a collection, sync, then switch back to using regular Zotero if you like.
  • Thank you bwiernik!
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