Tablet reading and WebDav?

I want to read and annotate small portion of my research on my tablet. I used Zotfile in the past, and the workflow didn't really suit me.
Sending to tablet was fine, but you have to plan ahead what paper you might need. The most issues I had getting notes from tablet. It worked, but I didn't like that the files start to add.
In summary planning what files to send ti tablet, remembering them (though I think there's a saved search) and then getting them back manually, plus managing extra attachment is not for me.

Recently I heard about WebDav. I signed up with pCloud. If i understand it right, my database would be via Zotero storage and attachments with pCloud. This way I'd have access to all my attachments and would not have to send and get from tablet.
If I read a paper on tabket, I could tag it. Then in my Zotero make saved search that would show me documents read on tablet (for note extracting)

Am I understanding correctly the use kf WebDAV?

Also, could my RSS feeds be stored on pCloud and viewed in Zotero online library?
  • (1) WebDAV support in Zotero substitutes the WebDAV server for Zotero's file server when syncing My Library attachments. The files are still organized using the non-human-readable file structure. Files are also still compressed when synced. That's not going to be particularly usable if you tried to directly connect to the WebDAV folder on your tablet.

    (2) WebDAV files are not viewable in the Zotero online library.

    (3) Zotero Feeds are also not currently viewable in the Zotero online library.

    (4) Right now, on iPad, the Zotfile workflow will be your best bet. There are several Android apps, but I'm not familiar with their exact functionality. An official Zotero iPad app is in the works, but I have no idea when it will be ready.
  • @bwiernik I see. Thanks for the informative outline.
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