Item Type Encyclopedia article and missing date

According to the APA 7 a wikipedia entry in the reference list shall include a full date (ymd) (page 327 in the apa 7 manual) but now, in the reference list, only the year appears. Is there any way you can change this so that the full date appears? If not it would be better if the Zoteroicon on a wikipedia url would just be a normal webpage. But then the layout of the "title" in the parenthetical citation would be wrong. What to do?

In text citation:
(Ā«CheeseĀ», 2020) wikipedia with itemtype encyclopedia article. Note that the date is wrong in the reference list.
(Moon, 2020) wikipedia changed to itemtype website. (The correct "Moon" is then gone, but the date contains both ymd)

Reference list:

Cheese. (2020). I Wikipedia.

Moon. (2020, mars 15). Wikipedia.

Hope you have a solution to this problem:)
Best regards Anne Brit

  • This is one of APA's weird inconsistencies. Encyclopedia articles in general don't have the full date, only the year. Wikipedia is an exceptional case. Zotero isn't able to distinguish whether an Encyclopedia Article item is from Wikipedia or another encyclopedia. Frankly, if you cite the archived version of the page (with the "oldid" part), there isn't really a need for the full date in any event as a specific archival version of the page is being referenced. In general, I recommend ignoring this call for full dates here, as it is an inconsistent rule. If you do want the full date, enter the item as a Webpage instead of an Encyclopedia Article.
  • Ok, thanks for the quick reply:)
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