Zotero/Jurism error report 1581852181-55580

Javascript error "data2.multi" is undefined.
  • (To be clear, that's a Juris-M error report. There's no need to put Zotero in the thread title.)
  • @KallistiMan: I just had a report on the Jurism mailing list, pointing back to this post. Sorry for missing you. Your report ID has expired, but I'll work with the other user, and post back here when we have resolved the issue.
  • @KallistiMan:This should now be fixed, in Jurism release 5.0.83m5, which just went live for Linux, Windows and Mac. Your client should update within 24 hours, or you can update manually from Help -> Check for updates.

    In my own testing, the error was triggered by an attempt to sync an item with a creator set in Zotero, synced down to Jurism after other changes to the item locally. If the error persists in this release, let me know -- but I think this release will fix it.
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