Save (file) to Zotero from FTP links; Update Zotero entry for the file (with the URL)

edited March 23, 2018

(1) I am trying to save a PDF file that is hosted on an FTP server: doesn't work. Any help will be appreciated
(2) I am saving the (PDF) file separately, and doing an "attach stored copy to file" on Zotero. Later I would want to attach the URL to this entry just created in Zotero (and would like that to mimic the scenario when a PDF from an HTTP URL is stored in Zotero): I am not able to figure out how to do that. Help needed here, please.
I am having to use the "note" area for the PDF file for that purpose.

  • Did you ever figure this out?
  • Zotero won't be able to save from FTP URLs. But this is no different from adding any other PDF that you have on your computer (received via email, etc.) rather than one available on the web.

    First, save the PDF to disk.

    If you already have an item with metadata in Zotero, you can just drag the PDF onto that item.

    If not, drag the PDF to Zotero as a standalone item. If Zotero is able to recognize it and retrieve metadata for it, it will. If not, add a parent item another way (via Add Item by Identifier or saving from the web), or, if you have no other option, right-click on the standalone attachment, choose Create Parent Item, and enter metadata manually.
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