Juris M / Conflicts in word docs

Hi there,

I recently switched from Zotero to Juris M on my Mac. I am using word to write my dissertation, autosaved to one drive.

Over the past week the autosave has turned off due to 'conflicts' in my word document. This is something I have never seen before and there isn't much help on Microsoft forums.

A couple of days ago I got a notification in Juris M saying there was a conflict and it couldn't sync. Is juris M causing these conflicts in my word document and has anyone else had similar problems?

If anyone has any solutions to my problem I would be very grateful

  • The Word conflicts and Zotero/Jurism sync conflicts would be unrelated. Hard to say what's happening on the Word side without more information, but it may be related to track changes, if you have that turned on. If that's the case, check to see if Word provides some guidance in the track-changes menus on how to resolve conflicts or accept all changes.

    On the Jurism sync conflict, what error does it show when you click on the error icon next to the green sync wheel, after attempting to sync?
  • I haven't had a conflict on Juris M recently, just the one time a week back. If I get another one I will post back on this thread.

    In regards to the conflicts in my word doc, they keep happening regularly. I just got one now when entering a citation from juris M.
  • Hi again,

    Just got a random conflict resolution in Juris M. I have taken a screenshot. where can I post the screenshot for you to see?
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