Juris M - date accessed wrong in citation

I pulled a website using Juris M add in on chrome today (10/03/2020) and then added the citation to my document and it has put 'accessed 3 October 2020'

it appears in Juris M info box as 10/03/2020 so how is this even possible?
  • Did you enter the date yourself? At least in Zotero, the access date from a translator should always be entered unambiguously as YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss. I'm not sure why that would be different in Juris-M. You can see the entered value by clicking in the Accessed field.

    In any case, for dates not entered unambiguously, it'll parse according to the locale, and for you that seems to be m/d/y. Check the Language setting in the Advanced pane of the preferences.
  • No I pulled it through the chrome add in.

    the language is set to automatic English UK

    Should I be posting elsewhere for Juris M queries now I have swapped over?
  • What's the actual value in the field if you click in it?
  • I have just pulled another web page and the date accessed has come through as 3 October 2020 again.

    2020-03-10 21:45:16 - what it looks like when I click on the box

    10-03-2020 21:45:16 - what it looks like in the box when I haven't clicked on it (not highlighted blue)
  • This works for me in Zotero. @fbennett would have to comment on Juris-M.
  • @Ewelch99 I can confirm this, and it's a bug specific to Jurism. I'll post here again when a fix is available, probably within the day.
  • (I should note that the bug doesn't affect the data that you have collected. The Jurism client appears to be applying a US-style date parsing rule to the standard date value stored in the Accessed field when running with the UK locale, which is strange and incorrect, but the standard date values are being stored correctly. When this is fixed, you should not need to make any changes to currently saved items.)
  • This is now fixed, in version 5.0.83m4 of Jurism. Your client should update automatically within 24 hours, or you can trigger an update by clicking Help -> Check for Updates.
  • ok thank you.

    Is this why the jurisdiction always resets to United States as default?
  • The bug in date handling was unrelated to jurisdiction settings. If you select a jurisdiction on a legal type, and tick the "default" box next to the field, that jurisdiction will be used as the default when creating new items. Is that not working for you?
  • whenever I click and change the jurisdiction then click default then click off it resets to United States. just tried it now and same thing happened
  • Also having an issue with websites when citing them. If there is no date on the web article the reference should just ignore the fact there is no date (Not put anything in for it) but it keeps putting this "(no date)" where the date is meant to go if there was one....

    Any help on this?
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