Wrong font size in citation

Hi everyone,
after the recent updete(?) I have a problem regarding the font size of my citations. The standart font of my document is calibri 11 but somehow zotero formats the citations in Calibri 12. Can anyone help please?
  • Zotero doesn't set a font size — it just inserts references using the "Bibliography" formatting style in Word. To change the font size, you would need to edit that style.
  • (And to be clear, “style” here means the “Bibliography” Word Formatting Style.)
  • Thank you for the replys. Unfortunately this doesn't solve the problem. When I click on a citation word tells me that this is the "standart" style which it isn't. And secondly when I add a word bibliography the font size of it is correct, but the Zotero citations are still off (at least most of them). And also there is no Bibliography style in my styles list, but as I said, the word generated bibliography has the right size.
  • And if I add a new Zotero citation the Style is also the right one, the "standart" style. So I'm stuck with a bunch of old citations in the frong font size. And don't know what caused the problem.
  • Oh, sorry, you're talking about citations, not the bibliography. It's the bibliography that's inserted with the Bibliography style. Citations are just inserted with whatever style applies to the current cursor position. Again, Zotero doesn't set a font size at all, so you just need to make sure the document (not counting the bibliography) is using a consistent style.
  • So, to address this, you should modify the formatting style for the paragraph where you are inserting the citation (e.g., edit the Normal style) rather than directly modifying the size of the text.
  • Thanks for the help. The issue is that even if I put the cursor on the citation (and click on it) it tells me it would be the standart style. If I mark it and click on the standart style again it changes the font size . I just wasn't sure what caused the problem so I didn'tw ant to change it all manually but then I will just do it and hope it doesn't happen again.
  • I wish I could just post a screenshot so you could see the issue.
  • Take the screenshot, upload it to Dropbox or imageupload.net (or one of those) and post the link.
  • This is the font style of my normal Text: https://ibb.co/SQGrPQh

    And this is what it shows if I click on a Citation: https://ibb.co/c3Vhb6K

    as you can see somehow all Citations are in larger font size
  • Open the actual styles pane — don't just look at the selected style in the ribbon. There's likely a modification to the normal style applied to the body text that doesn't apply to the citation. (Note the parentheses after the font name in the body text.)
  • Even if i open the extented panel there doesn't seem to be a problem. On this screenshot i clicked on a citation and as you can see in the top left its the wrong font size. still the standart gives my the correct font size, very strange.
    Ps.: in the parentheses it literally just says body text. but changing that to the nomal calibri also didn't make a difference.
  • Can you Place the cursor somewhere else in your paragraph and show a screenshot of the Start Ribbon?
  • https://ibb.co/b1KFGDw
    and https://ibb.co/YZcSgnd

    I did change the font to see if the parentheses would make a difference but it didn't
  • Hi I have a partially related issue, and was automatically directed to this discussion.

    I can't control the font size which Zotero uses with the bibliography. I don't know anything about the code which is used to write the individual styles. But I nevertheless looked through the code for any commands which contain e.g. "size" "point" or "12" (Zotero is imposing on me a 12.5p font size). There is referral to the letter font, italic, bold, etc. But not size.

    Of course I can just apply a style within the native word-processing program, but that's not the point. Every time that the biolography is updated....the word processor format must be re-applied.

    My specs are: using a modern Mac, running Catalania 10.15,5, LibreOffice

    Thanks (again)
  • @fentonh: See our responses above. You have to change the "Bibliography" style in Word. Zotero doesn't set the font size.
  • Hi!
    Sorry, but I did all the above, and even modifying the "Bibliography" style, everytime the reference list is updated it comes back to Times New Roman 12.
    Are there any other options w/o unlinking the references? Thanks a lot
  • @SandraVerstraeten Sorry, we are aware of the issue but we don't have a solution for now. You should change the bibliography format to whatever you need before paper submission.
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