Can I annotate PDFs on iPad through Zotero?

I am a beginner at this so please bear with me! I've been using Mendeley for many years, but it failed to catch up to recent OS and iOS upgrades and it's quickly falling apart for me. I'm trying to see if Zotero can replace Mendeley.

I need to be able to quickly extract metadata and the PDF for both scientific papers AND webpages (like news articles) and send them to Zotero in specific folders.

I then want to be able to access my library on my iPad, open a PDF, and annotate it using Apple Pencil first generation. And I want for these highlights and comments to be accessible on the desktop version of Zotero as well.

Is this feasible? I've been test-driving this today and I can't seem to annotate on my iPad. I'd like to stay away from third-party software as it increases the chances of incompatibilities as upgrades come along, though I don't believe there's a proper Zotero iPad app yet.

Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated!
  • Sorry for the late response.

    A Zotero iPad app is coming, but for now your best bet is using the third-party ZotFile plugin, which lets you sync files with a cloud storage folder (e.g., Dropbox) so that you can annotate them on a tablet, and it can extract annotations into Zotero notes.
  • @dstillman when will the ipad app will realease? Do you have the approximate time?
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