Collapsed In Text Citations - Changing en-dash to hyphen

Is it possible to change the en-dash to hyphen for collapsed citations.

i.e. instead of 1–7, it would b 1-7.

We are writing a funding application with strict world limits and en-dashes make the citation 2 words while hyphens keep it to 1 word.

If it cant be done, we will just convert them after we create the biliography.

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    Which style are you using?

    But generally you would either add a "locale" section between the info section and the first macro like this (assuming you're using a style in English):

    <locale xml:lang="en">
    <term name="page-range-delimiter">-</term>

    Or if there is already one you just add the line starting with "term name..." to the locale section.

    General instructions here:
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    Thanks @damnation

    I am using the APA Numeric reference type as built by @bwiernik (If you read this - thanks for this CSL it was exactly what I needed!) here:

    As there was already the "locale" "en" section in there, I added in the

    <term name="page-range-delimiter">-</term>

    line but unfortunately, this does not change the way in which the in-text citations are collapsed (i.e. its still printing them as Smith(1–7) (with en-dash), rather than Smith(1-7) (with hyphen)).

    Does that line only change the page ranges in the bibliography or should it have an effect on the in-text citations?

    Thanks again for any assistance.
  • Yes, pretty sure the collapse delimiter can't be customized, sorry. (the page-range-delimiter should impact page numbers in citations, but not other ranges such as page numbers)
  • Thanks @adamsmith, that what I was thinking but it was good to check. I appreciate all of the assistance.
  • When you are ready to submit, you could do find-and-replace in Word to change all en dashes to hyphens.
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