My bibliography is formatted weirdly. Please help

Dear friends,
I must have done something stupid and now my exported bibliography is formatted with a number on one line and the corresponding string on the following line. Stuff like this:
authors1 - title 1 - biblio 1
authors2 - title2 - biblio 2

and so on.

How do I get back to:

1) authors1 - title1 - biblio 1
2) authors2 - title2 - biblio 2

and so on.

I am seeing this behaviour with the export formats I tried (Nature, Cardiology etc)

Thank you
  • Are you using the Word plugin or using the Create Bibliography function in Zotero? If the latter, how are you exporting your bibliography (to RTF, copying to the clipboard, etc.)? If copying to the clipboard, where are you pasting it?
  • I am using the export from Zotero and producing the biblio to the clipboard then pasting this into a Keynote (similar to Powerpoint in the Mac)
  • Okay, if you turn on the proofreading marks in keynote (, do you see line endings (ΒΆ) after the numbers? If not, then what is likely going on here is that you tab stops are messed up in Keynote. Change those to fix the line breaks.
  • Sorry but that command only applies to Pages, not Keynote.

    Anyway same thing happens with Microsoft Word. There I can do what you ask and see a right justified number 1 followed by an ENTER hidden sign and on the following row all of the biblio text. See the screen cap please 2020-02-25 17.08.51.png?dl=0
  • The fact that many numeric styles misalign on copy&paste is known. It's due to weird interpretation of HTML formatting by many word processors.

    While you get slightly better output in Word when you use the "Merge formatting" paste option (on right-click) I don't think there's a simpler alternative to saving in RTF and then opening in Word/Pages (and if need be, copying to Keynote)
  • Thank you very much will do as you suggest.
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