Style chnage to author-date renders mix of styles

I am trying to convert my word file back to ODT for scrivener and I began by altering my style to author-date, which worked. Then when I changed over to bookmark I got and error, followed the troubleshoot to no avail. I then noticed that the styles were all muddled. some were author-date, others author-date but in footnotes... And i can't seem to work it out. I tried deleting half etc, but it happens in both
  • See Debugging Broken Documents. You'll need to follow those steps in full — there's nothing else we can tell you. Something is broken in the document, and you'll need to identify what it is (and, ideally, send us a broken excerpt via email).
  • Report ID 778249080, Windows 10, Office 365. I'll send broken excerpt when I find it
  • So you're saying that if you try to convert the document to a default author-date style like APA it works correctly? What happens if you convert to APA and then to your custom style? What happens if you convert to APA and then change to bookmarks? This seems like the custom style might be at least partially at fault.
  • If i convert to defailt note style it works. When i try change to author-date default it does some and not others. If i change to author date and bookmarks i get error
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