Zotero showing on google docs but not working

Hi when I click anything from the drop down menu on google docs e.g. to try and insert a citation nothing happens. Anybody know why this might be? Thanks
  • Check to see if a progress window or preferences dialog is appearing behind the Zotero app. (The windows that pop up are part of Zotero, not the browser.)
  • I am having the same issue. When I click "add/edit citation," all I see is "Saving..." in the top of the Google Doc. After restarting my computer (since I just downloaded Zotero and added the Chrome extension), trying the same test function resulted in a pop-up window stating that Zotero was working to update the document, yet nothing happened. This is similar to the pop-up window you'd see when selecting "Document preferences." Is that the same as your issue? Any other ideas to try?
  • Hi, I am having the same issue. Did it work for any of you guys? In my case I suspect that because my Zotero is synced with my gmail id while I am using my office id to work on the official google document, it may be having problems with importing citation from my gmail id. But this is just my speculation and there might be another problem.
  • Had a quick check and it works when I use google docs with the same gmail id that is linked with my Zotero account.
  • But when I tired to edit the official google document with my gmail id instead of office id, it still doesn't work. Perhaps its because it has been shared with other non-zotero users as well who are constantly editing the document? Its a shame that its not working :(
  • @manikg You can edit the document from any google account as long as that account has editing privileges for the document. After restating the browser and first attempting to edit a google doc with Zotero you will be prompted to authenticate the Zotero integration plugin with the appropriate Google account.

    However, if you are authenticated with a wrong account you should see an error message. Could you try to reproduce the issue you are having in a new google document? Make sure that when you get the "please wait" overlay from Zotero to check through Zotero and your Browser windows to see if a new one that had been opened has not accidentally remained under other windows.
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