Google docs plugin: How to the urls relate to Zotero items?

Hello all,

the google docs plugin creates links of this form:

How does the "Kn8Aqi" relate to the group id / item id?

  • It does not. These are randomly selected IDs strictly for identification of that particular citation in the document.
  • I see... Would it be possible to add an option to the plugin to embed the group/item id?

    Basically, I've got an alternative mechanism for working with Google Docs, similar to scallable cites. We've added a way of tracking item ids Together with a translator, we thus effectively paste 'scannable cites' into the google doc (and have a GDocs script to make those look better). Using we then sync a collection (within a library) to the document.

    While this doesn't have the nice UI of the plugin, it has some advantages, such as the ability to count references. We've got some major literature reviews (including some really long reports) and our process allows us to figure out what we've cited where (safeguarding against over citation).

    Also, it means that we can provide the list of references online. We're using the kerko container to display our library here: For example, the references for a methodology paper that we wrote is here We essentially get this without any extra effort: We just extract the citations from the Google Doc, use zotero-cli to sync a collection, which is then displayed with the kerko container app at

    @adomasven - Would you or others be interested in a short hangouts call so we could show our system, and see if/how it could be integrated with the current plugin?

  • It seems that most of the things (bar reference counting, but maybe that could be included too) you need Zotero document collections would do. As you can see, this has been planned and discussed about for quite a while and while it is high on our priority list, it probably won't happen in the immediate future.

    The simplest thing for you to do here would probably be to use the GDocs script that the Zotero integration has to fetch field codes. If you post on the Zotero dev mailing list we can discuss the details there.
  • Thank you - done!
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