Selecting more than one citation

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  • With the new update how do you select more than one citation? I really liked about the older version, it made adding ciation so much easier. Please reply
  • Are you referring to the Zotero program or the online library? What exactly are you trying to do?
  • The online library
  • OK, so, first, if you're only working on the online library, you really want to download and use the desktop app (which is what most people mean when they talk about "Zotero"). The web library isn't meant to be the primary interface to Zotero.

    But in the new web library, you select multiple items the same way as in the desktop app or other programs, using the appropriate modifier keys for individual/range selections on your operating system (Cmd/Shift on macOS or Ctrl/Shift on Windows and Linux).
  • Thanks, I have the desktop app. But I prefer the online one because it stores Abodbe files better. And I use a lot of them as sources for my papers.
  • What exactly do you mean by that? This is almost certainly some sort of misunderstanding.
  • How can I select all citations in the web version of my library? Using ctl/shift is a pain for so many items. I can't use the desktop version on my ancient Chromebook.
  • @mandysgmg: Using Shift is just one click at the top of the list and another at the end. But you have to scroll down first to load the items — since it's an online library, the data has to be loaded somehow, and the web library has to handle libraries with many thousands of items, so a Select All option doesn't really make sense.

    Have you confirmed that your Chromebook doesn't support Linux?
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