Problem with Generate Report for Selected Items

edited February 11, 2020
I have a long list of items (over 200), and I want to generate a report of all of them, but the generated report only contains a reduced list of items, not all.
There is a limit on the number of items which may contain the report? Is it possible to change it?
(Using Zotero standalone version 5.0.82)
  • No, there's no limit. Can you provide a Debug ID for generating a report that doesn't include some items?
  • Thanks dstillman for the reply,
    Sorry, but it seems that I am making a mistake.
    If in the middle panel, I select all the items and generate the report, the list is incomplete.
    But if I save a search, and with the right mouse button select 'Generate report ...' then the report contains all the items.
    This last option solves my problem. Do you still need the Debug ID?
  • You should be able to select any number of items in the middle pane, right-click, and choose "Generate Report from Items…", and all the items should be included in the report. If that's not happening, that'd be a bug, and we'd want a Debug ID.
  • It failed several times before, but now it works.
    I don't know what I was doing wrong.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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